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buffy/giles picspam

So apparently I've been in a picspamming mood lately. This picspam consists of my favorite scenes with Buffy/Giles. Their relationship is definitely one of the things I love most about the show, just how they were always (well pretty much) there for each other, and how he supported her through everything. Anyway, I hope someone will like this picspam. :) As you can see, the moments are chronologically ordered, I don't think I could ever rank them.

remember before you became Hugh Hefner when you used to be a watcher?Collapse )
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Beautiful collection of moments stolen by these two. My breath hitched and was held each time I revisited those moments thanks to your beautiful artwork as well as the chosen dialogue.

Thank you. :) I'm all googly-eyed now! Hahaha! ♥
Thank you so much, I'm so glad you enjoyed it! :)
These are amazing, wow, all that work, sooooooo pretty
Thank you so much! :)

Deleted comment

Thank you! :)
Great picspam, I love these two <3
Thanks, me too. :D
Great picspam, I love your coloring :)
I also love the scenes you've chosen, my favorite has got to be the 2.17 one, great scene and great acting!
Thank you so much! :)
Yes, that scene is probably my absolute favorite as well, so heartbreaking. :(
Absolutely love this picspam. You chose such great moments... and sometimes it could be easy to forget about the Buffy/Giles dynamic and just how wonderful/important/foundational it was to the show. What I especially love is that with these moments all laid out chronologically, you can see really see the evolution of their relationship. In the final one there from S7, you really feel like you're looking like two adults who've kind of grown with each other, one of whom has grown up in the process.

Wow, thank you so much! I'm so glad you like it. :)
Yes, their relationship was definitely important for the show, and I see what you mean with laying them out chronologically, I kinda thought so as well. Anyway thank you! so much. :)
very lovely picspam. it made me tear up
Thank you. :)

Deleted comment

Thank you! Yes, me too. :)
Gorgeous picspam. That scene in "Helpless" always chokes me up.
Thank you so much!
Gorgeous, fabulous stuff. These two are wonderful.
Thank you! They really are!:)
Beau-ti-ful. ♥ Such a beautiful portrayal of a grown up/child relationship. :)
Thank you so much! :) Yes definitely.
Loved this, <3
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