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it's not dark yet,

but it's getting there.

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angelo badalamenti, anthony perkins, anthony prrkins, anthony stewart head, arcade fire, arrested development, atticus, audrey horne, ballade de melody nelson, beauty and the beast, beverly hills 90210, billy elliot, bisexuality, bob dylan, bob dylan's nose, books, brandon/dylan, breasts, brenda/dylan, brian kinney ffs!, brian/justin, buffy the vampire slayer, cate blanchett, classic rock, come on skinny love, cult movies, dancing, daniel day-lewis, david bowie, david lynch, david lynch's flawless hair, david strathairn, daydreaming, desire, disney, documentaries, dont look back, drew barrymore, dylan's jesus phase, el duderino, elvis perkins (in dearland), expecting rain, fanart, fandom-whoring, fanfiction, felicity, folk music, frollo, gabriel byrne, gale harold, george harrison, giles/buffy, glam rock, glee, great soundtracks/scores, gregory peck, hearts of fire (haha), henry mancini, here comes the sun, heroes, hey jack kerouac, i'd rather go blind, icons, illinoise, indie, innocence, intelligent older men, ipods, isn't it romantic?, jason bateman, jeff bridges, jeremy irons, joan baez, joan girardi/god, john lennon, joss whedon, just for one day, karin boye, labyrinth, last.fm, laughing, leonard cohen, les sucettes, lolita (1997) & novel, love, lover's spit, lust, lyrics, meggie's theme, mixtapes, morrissey, movies, mulholland drive, music, natalie merchant, oh mercy, old hollywood, patti smith, pessimism, photography, photoshop, psycho (1960), queen, queer as folk, rain, reading, richard burton, robert zimmerman, rock n' roll, rory/jess, sarah michelle gellar, serge gainsbourg, series of dreams, seth cohen, simon & garfunkel, singer-songwriters, six feet under, snape, solitude, song to bobby, soul music, special agent dale cooper, spike, spuffy, stephen king, street legal, sufjan stevens, sunnydale, the band, the beatles, the berlin era, the bluth's, the breakfast club, the french tongue, the last waltz, the office (uk), the smiths, to kill a mockingbird, traveling wilburys, tremble with a sigh, trespassers william, twin peaks, valerie malone, veronica mars, visions of johanna, wesley wyndam-pryce, willem dafoe, winter, writing, ziggy stardust